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JI The Prince of New York
JI The Prince of New York
JI The Prince of New York

JI The Prince of New York

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 JI a rapper who goes also by the name of "The Prince of New York". That's because he's born in Brooklyn the place of Kings. His family is from Puerto Rico. His birthday is on September 23, 2001. I believe he mentioned that he took rapping seriously at the age of 11 years old. The Prince of New York was on "The Rap Game" as Queen Latifah & Jermaine Dupri Team On For Lifetime.

  JI has many videos on YouTube and I thought you would like to take a look and get to know who this Prince of New York is. I believe he brings lyrics back to trap which trap is lacking of lyrics. He has a story to tell and I'm listening. He could even compete with Battle Rappers and is a force to be reckoned with. I believe that only time will tell as he developed into this great rapper maybe one day becoming an Icon and a Legend of his own. Go Brooklyn Go. The prince of New York. #License2Rap #APlusRappers

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