We are Entertainment Managers for "A+ Entertainment Management". We guide and advise Artist with needs they might have on planning for their upcoming goals and dreams, we're here to help you achieve your dreams. 


Buying & Selling is an Art in the BUSINESS LIFE!


  "License Rap" is a company that sets goals though Promotional Contest to expose The Artist(s) to New Fans, A&R's, DJs, Labels, Radios Stations, Medias... We post Free contest for Singers, Rapers and Producers. We generate money on our Kids Toy Stores, Used Video Game Store and our New Video Game Stores Online. So Please support Us, Thank You.


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Plan for success with A+ Management! Look like a Real Professional on Tour, Upcoming Events, Parties, Meetings... 

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For a small Fee use A+ Networks to share songs, videos, music, art, pictures, news, message or just about anything that needs exposure.

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Do you have a live Performance coming up? Would you like for that moment to last for a life time? Need an extra cameramen for extra footage. Or a Music Video Project...

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We'll do whatever is needed to Expose the Artist and His or Her work! Let's make a Plan to put you on the Map!

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  Our "Buy & Sell A+ Store" is here to help you find Great deals. Whether you're Buying or Selling. We could also Sell for you and get you that best price possible. Please support us as we Create Opportunities for Greatness on Upcoming Artist, Thank you!